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Tight Plan vs Crash Diet

Crash diet

When your body gets less energy than it actually needs, your body will go into alarm. This is because people used to see the feeling of ‘hunger’ as a life-threatening situation. This was true.
Earlier. When we as humans had to look for food and drink.

Our body has no way of knowing that weight loss is on the cards and so will respond to this feeling of hunger by breaking down muscle in the first place. 
The muscles largely determine the energy requirement. The less muscle, the less hungry we will be.
As a result, we do not lose weight continuously during a slimming diet, but the weight loss fluctuates.

However, muscle breakdown is not recommended in the longer term if we want to lose fat mass.
On the scale, of course, the numbers will drop as we break down muscle, but this is a very unhealthy way.
In the long term, our body will be less muscular and therefore use less energy at rest.
This is just what we want to avoid.

In most people, the body is set to ‘hoard’ as soon as there is a feeling of hunger.
The storage place for fats is blocked in this way and one will certainly not lose any fats. By this I do not mean the feeling of hunger that you may get from the 5-hour eating breaks, but when your body receives too little energy for a long time, for example by doing crash diets.

Slow vs fast weight loss

Slow weight loss:  you give your body time to adjust to new eating habits. This way you will not lose muscle mass.

Rapid weight loss : lean muscle mass loss is higher

With rapid weight loss, you have largely lost fluid and you will get energy from your glycogen stores because you are in a large calorie deficit. For every gram of glycogen, your body stores at least 3 grams/ml of water. With a ‘fast diet’ (very low in carbohydrates, for example), the energy in the glycogen stores is used up and your body loses water.

At Tight Plan we focus on slow weight loss to ensure that you mainly lose fat mass , minimal muscle loss and therefore also weight loss in a sustainable and healthy way.

Your body gets lazy

When you  consistently eat a low-carb diet, your body will no longer use carbohydrates efficiently . You make your body, as it were, normal that the mechanism for this no longer has to work.

You could say your body is getting lazy .
Train your body just as you would exercise, and alternate.

For example, one day you eat a sandwich for lunch, another day a salad.
This way you keep your body ‘alert’ for all nutritional nutrients and your body will use them all as fuel in the most optimal way.

Cutting out foods, for example carbohydrates, will result in:

  • High fat oxidation
  • High capacity to use fats as fuel
  • Low capacity to use carbohydrates
Tight Plan vs Crash Diet | Tight Plan online dietitians
Eat according to ‘periodized carbohydrate intake’

Periodidized carbohydrate intake , alternating days of eating lower and higher in carbohydrates, will result in:

  • High capacity to use fats as fuel
  • High capacity to use carbohydrates

Variation in your diet

At Strak Plan, we pay close attention to ensuring that you bring sufficient variation to your diet.

For example, we recommend  eating a little lower in carbohydrates for a day in order to go into negative energy balance. On the other day, we recommend that you definitely eat multiple carbohydrates . This is to prevent the above problem that arises with a constant low intake of carbohydrates.

Bring enough variety to your diet
Bring enough variety to your diet

Negative energy balance  is still the basic principle needed for weight loss; absorb less energy than consume, but this can be done in different ways. Going into a negative energy balance at the expense of proteins  is certainly not recommended because proteins are the building blocks of your body. If you are going to save in this, there is a chance that you will still break down muscle mass . Proteins also ensure good satiety. If you eat too little protein, there is a chance that you will get hungry again much faster between meals.

Eliminate fats

Going into negative energy balance by  deleting fats is also not always a good idea .

Tight Plan vs Crash Diet | Tight Plan online dietitians
Fats provide fat-soluble vitamins.

In addition to the supply of fat-soluble vitamins, fats also provide a good feeling of satiety . A diet that is low in unsaturated, good fats will ensure that you are deficient in fat-soluble vitamins and there is a chance that you will get hungry again much faster between meals.


A varied diet with sufficient proteins, good fats and varied carbohydrate intake can ensure that you will lose weight in a sustainable way.
And let this be exactly how we work at Tight Plan .

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