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Rage diets

The more extreme the diet, the better it will be.
Lost 5 kg in 3 days, isn’t it great? 

A fad diet is a diet that is popular for a period of time, similar to fads in fashion.
They are not a standard nutritional recommendation and promise rapid weight loss and mindless health improvements. How do you recognize them then? 

Cutting out entire food groups

Often people only think in terms of ‘that are too many carbohydrates or fats, aren’t they?’. ‘If I don’t eat bread anymore, I feel less bloated because then I don’t eat carbohydrates. Did you know that there are other things in bread than just carbohydrates? B vitamins for example! You also need these vitamins to be and stay in good health. There is also iodine in bread. A mineral that is necessary for proper thyroid function. 

The  ketogenic diet , keto. You mainly eat high-fat foods. Not only foods with a good fatty acid composition, but also a lot of saturated fats. Main focus; you stop eating certain foods.

Too many rules

No tomatoes in combination with a grain product.
No fish in combination with quinoa.
No dairy product in combination with potato.

It also comes down to the fact that when there are rules, this is often enough as an alarm bell.

Too many rules in a diet, good or not?
Too many rules in a diet, good or not?

Such diets are often poorly scientifically based and simply not practical. Many foods contain a combination of carbohydrates, proteins and/or fats. This ensures that you get stressed if you don’t find a product in the supermarket.

And stress is also not recommended in a healthy lifestyle!

They sound too good to be true

Start today and within 3 days those pants will fit back .

Everywhere you see miracle cures and solutions that will make you look better, fitter or even younger. Nevertheless, I advise you to get advice from doctors and dietitians who can give you a personal approach. Nothing works the same for everyone. 

Juice cures are a good example. You will indeed lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. You don’t eat solid food. There is also a chance that you will break down muscle mass , but you will mainly lose fluid. This gives a distorted picture and once you start eating normally again, your lost weight (read: fluid) will come back.

Too good to be true?
Too good to be true?

There are still many popular diets that may appeal to you, but also know that not all diets are made for slimming. Intermittent fasting or ‘periodic fasting’  can indeed provide health benefits, but not necessarily with the aim of losing weight. This also applies to a low-carbohydrate diet, for example. For example, a protein diet may be advisable in certain situations, provided there is sufficient guidance.

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