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Bang & Olufsen’s products are optimized for Microsoft Teams and Zoom

The number of Danes who have a hybrid workplace – that is, both from home and at the company’s office – is increasing. It is a trend that the Danish manufacturer of audio products Bang & Olufsen will now tap into.

Speakers and Bluetooth products are certified for Teams and Zoom

Specifically, Bang & Olufsen will be more focused on selling more to companies’ hybrid employees – something that must be realized by getting a number of the company’s headphones and Bluetooth products certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom in the coming months, Bang & Olufsen states in a Press release.

“There is a growing demand for multifunctional high-end audio products that can be used both for work and in leisure time – without compromising on either quality or design. Bang & Olufsen is uniquely positioned to meet that demand. We are known for creating long-lasting products in a timeless design that also have great sound,” says John Howard, who is responsible for Bang & Olufsen’s Enterprise business, adding:

“The certifications for Microsoft Teams and Zoom help make the audio experience and functionality even better, and we expect our Enterprise business to grow in the coming years.”

Gives the hybrid employee a better user experience 

By getting Bang & Olufsen’s products certified, two things happen. First of all, the product experience of the customers will be improved, and this will thus accelerate Bang & Olufsen’s entry into the business to business market.

With a certification for Microsoft Teams, Bang & Olufsen’s products will be an even better work tool when video meetings need to be held from the home office. A certification for Microsoft Teams often means that sound and video quality is improved and that the user can easily join a video meeting with just a press of the speaker/headset. The device also has a dedicated Microsoft Teams LED indicator. The products are also optimized to be particularly easy to set up.

In the same way, a Zoom certification also aims to ensure a good user experience with Zoom, where the camera and speakers in the hardware are tested with Zoom to ensure that they meet strict requirements for both sound and video quality. Similar certifications also exist for Google Meet and Tencent Meeting.

Business-to-business is a strategic focus area

Bang & Olufsen has long been present on the business-to-business market, but over the past year it has become a focus area for the company, which, among other things, works together with the IT company Cisco. Bang & Olufsen has also entered into a collaboration with HP, which created the product series for conference and meeting rooms, HP Presence, where the focus was on enhancing the sound experience in the hybrid workplace. Bang & Olufsen itself also launched a professional headset aimed at the hybrid employee.

“We see our enterprise business as a strategically important area, and we are experiencing increasing interest from companies all over the world who want to offer Bang & Olufsen speakers, headsets and earphones to their employees. We will continue to expand our product portfolio for companies with new products and partnerships and thus grow this part of our business further,” says John Howard.

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