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What is the ‘Big Mac index’ and what it reveals in the case of Spain

The Big Mac index, created in 1986 by the British publication The Economist,  consists of comparing the cost of the in each country, taking as a reference the price of the well-known Big Mac menu , from the McDonald’s restaurant chain .

This type of index is intended to serve as a simple tool to check if a currency is revalued or devalued compared to another, that is, the concept known as Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).

At that time, the economists of the London newspaper chose the Big Mac menu, as it is one of the most universal products. Not in vain, the Californian chain has 40,000 restaurants spread over more than 120 countries on the planet and every day 50,000 Big Macs are consumed per second.

The Expensivity portal has made a map that graphically collects the Big Mac index, highlighting in each country the price (in dollars) of the popular menu and with a color code to differentiate it at a glance.

Map of the 'Big Mac' index.
Map of the ‘Big Mac’ index.

Thus, it can be seen that  Switzerland (6.21 euros), Norway (6.18 euros) or the United States (5.62 euros) or Sweden (5.25 euros) are the countries with the most expensive Big Mac menus.

At the other extreme, we find countries like Turkey (1.8 euros), Indonesia (2.28 euros) or Malaysia (2.31 euros). And Spain? In our country, the Big Mac menu is slightly below the rest of the surrounding countries: 4.58 euros.

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