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Look up in the air: Packages from Postnord arrive flying with drones

Are there other and more climate-friendly ways to transport parcels than via vehicles? That is exactly what Postnord is investigating, and it is happening with an experiment involving drones.

“With the testing of drones, we are taking another look into the parcel delivery of the future to find out which options can in the long run ensure easy, efficient and sustainable online shopping for everyone,” says Stine Sander, Vice President Parcels at PostNord Denmark.

Flying across Zealand at 100 km/h

In the initial trial that Postnord has carried out, a drone transported a small package from Postnord’s terminal in Køge to a private home in Slagelse – a route of more than 50 kilometres.

Neither legislatively nor technically, however, is it yet possible to carry out parcel deliveries from the air on a large scale. Therefore, the test must be used to create further experience and knowledge about the possibilities and limitations of delivering packages using drones.

Postnord has no plans to implement delivery by drones for the time being, but trials must therefore clarify whether it is an option both today and in the long run.

“Exploring the possibilities for drone delivery is exciting, but there are still a number of obstacles in the field that limit the use of the technology today. But who knows what the future will look like? In any case, we will never find out if we do not gain experience with new technology,” says Stine Sander.

About Postnord’s new drone

The drone that Postnord has used for the experiment weighs 16 kilos and has a wingspan of 2.4 metres. It can carry smaller packages and can fly at approximately 100 km/h, while its top speed is 150 km/h. It is a so-called fixed-wing drone that can take off and land like a helicopter, but fly like an airplane.

According to the shipping company, larger drones that can transport several hundred kilos are just around the corner.

It is not the first time that Postnord has tested new technology for the delivery of parcels. Earlier this year, Postnord, in collaboration with the company Holo, tested a self-driving electric car designed as a transportable parcel box.

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