Home Technology The Danish career portal Graduateland sold to French JobTeaser

The Danish career portal Graduateland sold to French JobTeaser

The Danish SaaS company and job portal for students and graduates Graduateland has been sold to the French job portal JobTeaser. Graduateland states this in a press release.

Becomes the market leader in Europe

It is unknown what the price for the sale of the Danish company is. All five original founders and owners are selling their shares, and Patrick Lund, director and co-founder of Graduateland, continues as director of the Nordic department in the combined JobTeaser.

“We have found the perfect match with JobTeaser, with whom we have been continuously talking since 2016. Due to our rapid growth, there have been many interested buyers, but no one else was as good a fit. Together, we will now become the de facto market leader in Europe, and our technology for virtual job fairs is far ahead of what else is on the market,” says Patrick Lund, director and co-founder of Graduateland.

“Graduateland is a fantastic match with JobTeaser, both with the company’s culture and the vision, which they have managed to execute sublimely in the Nordics. We are looking forward to taking the unique solutions that Graduateland has developed to a huge market and thus creating the best opportunities for talent to meet jobs across the whole of Europe,” says Adrien Ledoux, director of JobTeaser.

Experienced great growth during the corona shutdown

Graduateland was founded back in 2010 and over the years has developed into a job portal for students and recent graduates. CBS became a partner in 2012, and the Danish SaaS company grew to 40 employees, until the corona shutdowns put a damper on growth.

Suddenly, Graduateland had only 17 employees and focused only on the Nordic region. After the shutdown, the job portal has again continued its growth and now has 45 employees. This was particularly due to the Virtual Career Fair function, which made it possible for large companies to hold virtual job fairs with student assistants and recent graduates – something that had previously taken place physically at career fairs at universities.

New expansion plans mean that a further 25 employees are on their way to Graduateland in the next two years. The office in Denmark will form the Nordic office in the JobTeaser group.

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