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Final Fantasy 16: a monstrous lifespan? We have the answer

As the communication campaign around Final Fantasy 16 progresses, the game has established itself as one of the most anticipated PS5 exclusives of the year. But how long will it keep players busy?

Final Fantasy 16 is unquestionably one of the big PS5 releases of this year. The temporary exclusivity has recently been approached by the press and the feedback is unanimous: the combat system is promising. However, some points need to be clarified, like the RPG aspect of the game, which is still kept secret. The other major question concerns the lifespan of FF16. As the title is more action-oriented than ever, should players expect less generous production in terms of content? The developers answered the question very frankly.

Up to 80 hours of gameplay for Final Fantasy 16

Naoki Yoshida continues to promise mountains and wonders for Final Fantasy 16 . Cautious and lucid, the producer is a man who generally measures his words. So when he talks about the duration of the next big PS5 exclusive , we want to believe him wholeheartedly. In an interview with Famitsu, the savior of FF14 returned to his statements around the 11 hours of cutscenes, specifying that these were only scenes linked to the main plot. Other cutscenes are also planned for side quests. But how long will it actually take to complete FF16? 

“ The game will take about 35 hours to complete the main plot. Count double if you include ancillary content ,” he explained. Final Fantasy 16 director Hiroshi Takai wants to reassure players. Yes, there will be a plethora of side quests, even if the content of the planned activities is still nebulous. To tell the truth, Yoshi-P confesses that the game was originally supposed to be shorter so that players, increasingly busy with their daily lives, could at least complete the main story in 20 hours. However, as development progressed, the team continued to add new elements. As a result, FF16 can keep you busy for 80 hours if you want to discover it in its entirety. 

An ultra hard mode and a scoreboard

With this game, we really wanted players to be able to complete the story from start to finish. If the story is too long, the game can become tiring. That’s why we wanted Final Fantasy 16or real roller coaster, where when you think you know where you are going, the game goes in another direction. Finally, FF16 is really a compendium of history, fights etc. If you don’t skip the cutscenes, it takes about 35 hours to complete. Now, if you want to master and increase the level of your skills, get all the accessories, do all the side quests and fight all the monsters to hunt, it will rather be necessary to count on 70 to 80 hours of play. On top of that, we’ve added an incredibly difficult New Game Plus mode (called Final Fantasy mode) that lets you keep your stats. This should add even more hours of gameplay. 

Naoki Yoshida – producer of Final Fantasy 16

There is also a scoreboard for “attack points”. For the director of Final Fantasy 16 , the most competitive players will then be rewarded with infinite gameplay if they want to beat the scores of fans around the world, including him. However, we will have to wait a little longer to find out what other type of additional content Final Fantasy 16 will offer and its RPG mechanics. For the record, the game is expected for June 22, 2023 exclusively on PS5.

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