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Award-Winning Floral Creations: An Insight into The Flower Company

Flowers, in their silent beauty, narrate countless stories, express emotions, and mark occasions. The Flower Company, known for its exquisite floral arrangements and fast deliveries, stands as a testament to the power of nature’s blooms.

Celebrating Australia’s Floral Beauty

The Flower Company, a proud recipient of the “Best Flower Delivery Australia Award” by Canstar Blue in 2023, sources the freshest flowers Australia boasts. With a keen eye for detail and artistry, the company’s florists transform these flowers into beautiful bouquets and arrangements, making them the best online flower shop in the country.

Signature Collections

  • Sweet Daisy: A great value special at $66.95, down from $74.95. This arrangement combines roses, carnations, and lilies, presented in a charming small white box.
  • Ray of Sunshine: As the name suggests, this arrangement radiates happiness with its daisies and yellow gerberas. Priced at a special rate of $79.95 from its original $89.95.
  • Pink Lilies Combo: Priced at $109.90, this is an ideal choice for someone who loves the delicate beauty of lilies.
  • Truly Yours 18 Roses: At $199.95, this bouquet of pink and red roses stands as a testament to love and affection.

Exquisite Delivery Services

The Flower Company promises Australia-wide delivery, covering most areas for a flat fee of just $12. This includes their notable same-day flower delivery, ensuring that the flowers reach their destination in their freshest state.

For those unsure about their choice, the “florist choice” bouquet or arrangement offers excellent value. Let the experts choose and create a bespoke bouquet on your behalf.

More Than Just Flowers

Flowers resonate with every occasion:

  • Valentine’s Day: Speak the language of love with red roses.
  • Mother’s Day: Convey gratitude with a vibrant bouquet.
  • Anniversaries: Celebrate years of togetherness with flowers that symbolise everlasting love.

From expressing condolences and wishes for speedy recoveries to celebrating new births, flowers from The Flower Company ensure every sentiment is communicated perfectly.

Dependable Deliveries in Major Australian Cities

From Sydney’s bustling streets to Melbourne’s charm, Brisbane’s sunniness to Adelaide’s elegance, The Flower Company guarantees prompt deliveries. Whether it’s the picturesque surroundings of Bacchus Marsh or the tropical vibes of Cairns, the company assures the same top-tier service.

A Commitment to Quality

Under new ownership, The Flower Company pledges to provide the best quality and service in the industry. Partnering with local florists, they guarantee that every flower or gift ordered is of the utmost standard.Flower Delivery Australia


In a vast country like Australia, where distances can separate loved ones, The Flower Company bridges the gap with their beautiful floral arrangements and dependable delivery services. When words fall short, let flowers do the talking. Choose The Flower Company and let nature’s beauty convey your feelings.

The Flower Company

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