Industrie Media

What types of property?


Journalista property videos are performed by the agent in either interview or reporter styles. A full video walkthrough of the property covers all the main features of the home, location and lifestyle opportunities giving potential buyers solid understanding of the offering.


Cinematic property videos are designed to engage with viewers on an emotive level. It’s less about the statistics, and more about capturing the feeling which the home, lifestyle and location has to offer in true cinematic style.


Designed for agents who are time poor and have an entry level budget, but still want to harness the power of video marketing. Property images are blended with generic real video intro and outro sequences, as well as suburb and location vision. The agent is not required to attend the shoot.


Capture the raw energy of an upcoming auction by getting up close and personal with the auctioneer screaming for the next bid, the bidders eyeing each other off in anticipation, the crowd watching in awe, and the agents working to achieve the best result for their vendors.


Share with the community the latest in real estate market developments to build a reputation of authority with your database. Share news on upcoming listings, new sales records, upgrades to local infrastructure or economic changes.