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The Digital Strategy

The creation and execution of a comprehensive digital strategy requires a diverse range of human resource skill-sets, as well as technology platforms. The purpose of this document is to breakdown and highlight the many elements required to deliver a successful digital platform, as well as outline Industrie Media’s deliverables in each category.

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Explore existing business model, identify and present business growth opportunities using digital platforms.


Understand the strategic direction of the business and create a brand guideline for all video content to be produced.


Understand existing marketing initiatives and develop new plans integrating strategic video content to grow the business in 2 key areas 1) domestic audiences 2) international audiences.

The marketing plan is to target audience conversions into the following new revenue models 1) Pay-Per-View and 2) Subscription

Work with the management team to deliver on various custom projects relating to the digital media space.


Content Production for Marketing

Produce video marketing content to raise awareness for upcoming events, various products and services. Content to be positioned for the relevant target audience and intended conversion type.

Live-Event Production for Recording

Produce video content for promotional and archival purposes. Recordings are to be funnelled to an online video library in preparation for Pay-Per-View and/or Subscription revenue models.

Live-Event Production for Streaming

Stream video content to various audiences types (open or closed groups via firewall) and revenue models (Pay-Per-View or Subscription).
Audiences to be targeted are domestic and international.

Revenue Models

Ad Placements

Develop a Digital Media Kit (DMK) in written and visual format to integrate with existing sponsor packages. The purpose of the DMK is to mitigate video production costs, as well as secure new revenue via a value-based cost model.

Pay-Per-View (PPV)

Develop a PPV revenue model in line with business objectives for existing clients, new prospects, domestic and international audiences.


Develop a Multi-Level Pay-Point revenue model to access various types of video content via an online library.


Hosting And Management

Provide hosting and management support for all media produced contained within the digital strategy.

Web Services

Provide web support when required for system integrations, online in-player integrations, media embedding and general web development that’s required to deliver the objectives contained within the digital strategy.


Create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the digital strategy. This is a living document which will evolve overtime with the business, technological advancements and other external influences.


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Digital Eco-system

Digital Eco System - Industrie Media


Event Production

Live-Event production is to be costed out on a case by case scenario, however we intend to ‘flatten’ the costs of production throughout the year upon completion of the digital strategy in order to secure a more stable environment for ad placement revenue opportunities.


Live-Streaming is to be costed out on a case by case scenario as the costing methodology used by data providers scales proportionate to 1) estimated length of time for the stream 2) bandwidth allocation as per the estimated size of audience.

Pay-Per-View and Subscription

The PPV and Subscription platform service providers charge fees based on ticket sales and subscribers. Although online video libraries and related in-players can be skinned (designed) to the clients branding requirements and embedded to a webpage of their choice, the paywall gateways are controlled by the paywall providers.

Live Streaming