Industrie Media


Broadcast events in full 1080p, with no ads before, during or after live streaming. Our streaming is adaptive across all devices and bandwidth, means viewers get the best quality experience available on every stream. The live stream can be showcased to the public, followers, or just the viewers you choose.


We have the platform to manage all our client media from our cloud based media delivery platform. We can store, update and organise all media and take the stress out of dealing with large volumes of content. All media is auto-archived and backed up to ensure its always safe.


Live Streams can also include Live Audience Chat to increase engagement levels even further. With email capture, calls to action, as well as end screens at the disposal, turn viewers into customers by engaging with them like never before.


When an event wraps up, all the in-depth stats are available to see how your audience engaged with the broadcast. Monitor content performance after each event and improve the performance of the next.

Live Streaming