Industrie Media

Simulcast, Webcast and Live Streaming

Reach your audience everywhere by delivering high-quality video to your website, social channels or a private platform for only selected viewers. We have the technology, equipment and redundancies in place to ensure minimal latency and maximum impact for the audience.

Multi-Channel Social Media Integration

Using the latest in live-streaming technology, we can stream our single or multi-camera set ups to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter, Periscope, Vimeo Live and other private platforms. Engage with audiences like never before and tap into a new world of opportunity to share, engage and lead.

Real-time Monitoring and Multiviewers

We are able to stream live vision and audio from almost anywhere back to our studio desk. Whether the footage is being beamed back from the bonnet of a V8 supercar, or the underbelly of a chopper flying over a building, we can monitor all the action in real-time from our studio desk.

Pro-grade Skype Video Calling

Perform high-quality Skype video conferencing experiences and stream it out to almost any network. Our technology allows for switching between multiple users within group calls, as well as any number of presenters and hosts back at our studio, or even multiple studio. Connect people anywhere, anytime.