Industrie Media


Our in-house editors have the experience to put together projects in line with the brief. They will make you laugh, make you cry, inform you, energise and motivate you, tease you or any other feeling the script requires. They love to entertain.

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Motion Graphics

We have partnered with a number of hand-picked motion graphic specialists to bring only the most creative motion graphics solutions to our clients. Our motion graphic designers are masters at design, animation and project design.

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Camera Operation and Audio

Our dynamic team of full time camera operators and network of freelancers know how to capture the vision and audio to meet the brief. For event production, our crew are trained to get deep inside the action to secure all the most compelling moments.

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Colour Grading

We have the experience to alter and manipulate the colour of video for aesthetic expressive purposes. We work closely with our clients to achieve the look and feel of the vision to maximise engagement with the intended audience.

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Note. All packages switch to time based billing once allocation is exhausted. Rate is $160.00 per hour, including gst. All package amounts include gst.