Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. If we spend the time to truly understand the core needs of our clients, we can develop innovative and powerfully useful solutions that will inevitably bring success to our clients. To help us achieve this, the guiding principles by which we stand by are as follows:

  • Innovation is our Motivation  We never stop seeking and searching for what we cannot see. We never fear the unknown and always target to be the first.
  • Continuous Improvement We never stop learning, we never stop developing. We never stop changing.
  • Be Client-centric Know our clients. Treat them with the utmost respect and care for their future growth with us.
  • Creative Think-Tanks are powerful. Sparks always fly and good things follow. It energises the mind and reinvigorates the soul.
  • Team Spirit We operate as individuals but with a common goal. We travel faster as a team, achieve more and do more.

We believe that nothing worthwhile is ever easy, so we understand that hard work is how we get places.

Our Culture

A keen understanding of the market that we trade in, a unique approach to our art and dedication to our client’s progressive needs is what we believe in. The core values which form the foundation of our business are:

  • Integrity By standing by our products, services and people. We back everything we do through guarantees to show confidence in our character to build trust
  • Trustworthiness Is what we want our clients to see and experience. With trust comes commitment and loyalty from our clients. We are in business for life.
  • Commitment to tackling challenges head on. We don’t step back from a problem. We never leave anything alone until its addressed honestly and whole-heartedly.

We believe that if we operate with a healthy attitude, good things will follow.

Our People

Our team is the core of our success. Industrie Media is made up of talented video and film producers, marketing professionals and photographers who share the same passion for the ‘digital world’. Our lead team is powered by extensive and solid hands-on experience in marketing, television production and business development.

The unique fusion of skills sets allows our team to not only be creative, but also deliver best in class solutions via its established workflow, systems and ‘can do’ work ethic.

Additional to the core team, Industrie Media has developed a very strong supply chain of graphic designers, web designers, web developers, 3D artists, animators, copywriters and image retouchers. This gives our company a competitive advantage to our clients by being able to project mange large teams in various skills sets to be able to deliver even large projects efficiently.



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